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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

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Most homeowners think about replacing their roof after they experience a leak in their ceiling. However, sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its life without experiencing a failure. When determining if you need roof replacement there are plenty of signs, besides leaks, that can help you make this decision. Potential signs that […]

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Will homeowners’ insurance replace my roof?

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A homeowners’ insurance policy is one of those things: It’s important to have one, but you sure hope you never have to use it. You pay the premiums, renew the policy, pay the premiums, and renew the policy again. Years pass, one after the other, and you’ve never had to file a claim — until […]

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What is a Green Roof?

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A green roof is a roof that is either partially or completely covered by vegetation and a growing medium planted over a waterproof membrane. A green roof might include a root barrier as well as drainage and irrigation systems. A rooftop pond that is used to treat grey water might also be considered a green […]

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Vinyl or Wood Siding: Which Is Right for Your Northern VA Home?

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Since vinyl siding became an option in the late 1950s, this has been a question in the minds of homeowners. Older folks probably remember the early vinyls as being brittle, ugly, and not very durable in either the sun or the wind. But you have to remember that the plastics industry was in its infancy […]

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Protect Your Roof From Strong Winds and Hail This Summer

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Can your roof handle hurricane force winds? With bright, sunny skies and warmer temperatures comes the risk of nasty storms and hurricane force winds. These deadly storms can ruin even the most promising summer vacation plans and in northern VA, we see our fair share of action. Damaged homes, destroyed cars from fallen trees, and torrential […]

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