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Click below to apply for GreenSky credit. When applying please copy Style Roofing’s contractor number 81021766

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Q: Why should I finance my project when I can pay cash or use a credit card?
Financing a project with GreenSky® allows you to conserve both your money and your equity, and
typically offers a lower interest rate than a credit card. GreenSky has many promotional offerings
with deferred interest benefits, but without your having to pay out of pocket all at once.1

Q: What type of credit does GreenSky offer? We offer unsecured loans with fixed interest rates.
Unlike a revolving credit card, your non-promotional monthly payment amount is always the same.

Q: Where can I use my loan?
Use your GreenSky Account Number to pay for services and products offered by the contractor with
whom you apply.

Q: How do I make a payment?
It’s simple – pay online or by phone, or schedule automatic payments to be drafted from your bank
account. The choice is yours. And there is never a penalty for paying off your loan early. Apply
today at or call

Q: How do I pay my contractor?
Once approved, you will be provided a loan agreement and issued a 16-digit account number and
expiration date. When you want to pay, just provide these numbers to your contractor to process the
purchase as if it were a credit card.

Q: How long do I have to use my loan?
Once approved, you have four months to make your purchases.

Q: When is my first payment due?
Depends on your plan. Many deferred interest plans don’t require a payment during the promotional
period. The first payment on a budget-minded plan is typically due approximately 30 days after the
first purchase.

Q: When does the Deferred Interest plan promotion window begin?
At the time of your first transaction.2

1 Financing for GreenSky® consumer credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and
state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin,
sex, or familial status.
2 Interest accrues during the promotional period but all interest is waived if the entire loan
amount is paid in full before the end of the promotional period.
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