Cost To Replace Roof

Calculate Roof Replacement Cost

The cost to replace roof varies due to many different variables that must be considered by a trained professional. It varies according to your roofing materials (all the way from cheap 3-tab asphalt shingles up to architectural shingles or even slate), the pitch (or steepness) of your roof, the area to be covered, and a host of other factors.

To calculate a roof you need to first understand which style of roof you are dealing with. The most common roof style is a gable roof, followed by a hip roof. Very often a roof is a combination of styles, with the addition of valleys, dormers, etc. See the diagram below for a detailed explanation of what is what on the roof.

Roof Difficulty:

You need to identify the roof style, roof components such as sky lights, chimneys, dormers and determine roof’s difficulty level. For example, the roof in the diagram above, is about a medium level of difficulty. The reason is that this particular roof is a non walker – the roof’s pitch is about 10 in 12. It has a dormer, hips, sidewall and different levels on the same plane.

Roof Size:

The first step in determining the cost to replace a roof is to have the roof measured. You will need to get the roof’s ground dimensions to ascertain the overall roof size. Just take a measuring tape and get rough ground dimensions of your house. Do not forget to include roof overhangs, as they may add a significant amount to the total roof area. A miscalculation here can sway your overall roof pricing results.

Roof Pitch:

Pitch is a measurement of how high the roof is versus its length. A high steeply pitched roof will require more labor, which will increase the roof replacement cost.

Roof Replacement Material:

After roof size, the type of roofing material is the most significant factor in determining the average roof replacement cost. Asphalt shingles are the least expensive roofing material while metal roofing material is the most expensive. The quality of the roofing material will also determine the cost of roof replacement.

Removal Of The Old Roof :

The removal of the old roof can increase the average cost to replace roof. The more layers that need to be removed from the roof, the higher the cost.

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