Virginia Siding

Northern VA Siding

Northern VA Siding Replacement Company While one may not think much of it, siding is amongst the most important features in any property. Not only can it make a building stand out and magnify its beauty, but it protects a home or business and those inside it throughout the years. Siding keeps a property warm in the winter and insulated against heat in the summer, potentially providing some serious environmental and money-saving benefits.

Because of the important role siding plays in a building, it is essential to replace old or inefficient siding immediately. With nearly twenty years in the home improvement industry, Style Roofing knows how stressful this process can be and take the time to understand a owner’s needs for their property. Our experienced Northern VA siding contractors are trained to work with a variety of materials and designs; from vertical vinyl to half-rounds polymer shake, we will recommend siding options that fit the owner’s vision and budget.

No-Maintenance Siding Products

All of the siding products we use on Northern Virginia properties are highly durable and insulated to provide superior protection and beauty. Customers can rest assured that all of Style Roofing’s sidings are completely maintenance free — no painting, no staining, no worries.

CertainTeed Siding

We pride ourselves on working with CertainTeed, the most advanced siding on the market. Boasting a very impressive 5.0 insulation rating (R-value), CertainTeed allows property owners to decrease their overall energy consumption. This not only helps the environment, but will also lower utilities bills as well. The exterior surface provides rigid feel, coarse lines, a stunning look and will protect your home against the elements for many years to come.

  • TrueForm Design
  • RigidLock Locking feature
  • Premium 6″ exposure width
  • 1-1/2″ precisely contoured insulation
  • Subtle, finely milled grain finish
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty

Virginia Siding Process Overview

Style Roofing makes it a priority to assist customers through every step of the siding installation and replacement process. Whether it be assessing the problem areas in a property’s siding or choosing the best products to install, our expert contractors will help find a solution that best fits a client’s needs. For Northern VA siding projects, Style Roofing’s process includes:

  • Analyze the siding damage and determine the cause, offering an explanation to clients.
  • Present customer with new siding options, such as various designs or colors.
  • Recommend a complete siding solution that not only works best for the property, but for the owners budget as well.
  • Outline the full siding installation process providing a detailed timeline and steps of the project, beginning with the removal of the current system in place.
  • Consult clients on the clean-up process and steps to take for future siding problems.