Warranty & Credentials

Last year Style Roofing completed 750+ Northern Virginia roofing projects. We are consistently one of the highest-rated roofing contractors on Better Best Pick Reports, Business Bureau, and Checkbook.org and other highly regarded 3rd party review websites for a reason. Quality, Commitment and our Satisfaction Guarantee make us Northern Virginia’s #1 trusted roofing contractor.

  • Family Owned and Operated since 1992
  • Class A licensed contractor.
  • Better Business Bureau accredited business
  • Top rated in the Washington Consumer’s Checkbook
  • Employes are Certified CertainTeed Roofing Master Craftsman
  • CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster Company
  • GAF Authorized Installer
  • Certainteed Symphony Slate Certified Installer
  • Eco Star Certified Installer
  • All of our products come with the manufacturer’s full guarantee.
  • Our full roof replacements come with a 10 year warranty on all workmanship
  • 9,000+ satisfied customers over 30 years
  • Licensed and Insured

Any Roofing Contractor can promise you that the work will be done on time and under budget. We stand behind our positive reviews on all major review websites. We are the leading roofing contractor for a reason, we do quality work at a fair price.

SELECT Shingle Master Roofing Contractor Certainteed certificate

A manufacturer-backed warranty is the best way to protect your shingle investment for the long haul. Shingle roofs are not cheap!  So, we understand how important it is to protect your investment.

Style Roofing has been installing shingle roofs for over 3 decades. Our experience in our craft gives us real insight into what makes a new roof stand the test of time.  

But what exactly does an extended warranty cover?

Let’s get started by discussing CertainTeed’s Factory-Certified contractor program.

CertainTeed has factory-certified installer programs called ShingleMaster and Select ShingleMaster. These programs certify roofing companies as experts in the installation of CertainTeed products. ShingleMasters can offer 3-Star and 4-Star warranties.

The Select ShingleMasters are the only contractors who can offer you a 5-Star warranty. 

To become a  Select ShingleMaster a contractor must meet certain requirements. Including passing an exam and having experience installing CertainTeed products. They’re also required to install the shingles by the manufacturer’s guidelines and pass regular inspections.

Select ShingleMasters have access to CertainTeed’s resources, training, and support. Which can help to ensure you get a high-quality installation. They also offer an extended warranty on the installation of their shingles when installed by a Select ShingleMaster.

It’s important to note that not all contractors take part in the program. You can ask for a Select ShingleMaster when looking for a professional to install CertainTeed shingles.

When you choose to hire a Select ShingleMaster contractor, you get CertainTeed’s best factory-trained installers. Homeowners who choose this route can feel confident they’ll get a professional installation of their new roof. 

Hiring a Select ShingleMaster can offer several other benefits for homeowners. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Expertise: Select ShingleMaster contractors are certified experts in the installation of CertainTeed products. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure a high-quality and reliable installation.

  • Warranty: Select ShingleMasters can provide extended warranties. Which can provide added protection for homeowners in case of any defects or issues with the installation.

  • Quality Assurance: Select ShingleMasters are inspected by CertainTeed. This helps ensure that they are following the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation. Which helps to ensure a high-quality installation.

  • Support and Resources: Select ShingleMasters have access to all of CertainTeed’s resources, training, and support. Which helps them to stay up-to-date on the latest product and installation techniques. They can resolve any issues that may arise during the installation process.

  • Professionalism: Select ShingleMasters are held to high standards of professionalism. Which can give homeowners peace of mind when choosing a contractor to work on their homes.

Select ShingleMasters from CertainTeed are qualified to offer all the CertainTeed warranties. The warranties offered are the SureStart PLUS,  3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star Protection. However, as previously mentioned, Select contractors are the only contractors that can provide you with the SureStart PLUS 5 Star Protection. 

Lifetime limited warranty shingles

CertainTeed SureStart PLUS 5 Star Protection is an extended warranty. It provides coverage for any material defects. The material warranty is non-prorated for a period of 50 years. This warranty is available for CertainTeed’s architectural and designer shingles. This warranty is transferable to a new homeowner, providing added value to the property.

What’s required to be eligible for the SureStart PLUS warranty?

The shingles must be installed by a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster contractor. The contractor must register the warranty within 60 days of the installation. 

The CertainTeed 5-Star Protection includes:

  • SureStart PLUS Warranty: This is an extended warranty that CertainTeed offers for their shingles. It covers material defects for 50 years. And it provides additional protection against algae discoloration and wind damage. Which can give homeowners peace of mind when choosing CertainTeed shingles.
  • Workmanship warranty: This warranty covers defects in the installation of CertainTeed shingles. It provides added protection for homeowners in case of any issues with the installation. The warranty is valid for 25 years from the date of installation. It’s only available if the shingles are installed by a Select ShingleMaster contractor.
  • SmartChoice Protection: This coverage provides an upgrade to the warranty on CertainTeed accessories. Items such as ridge vents, starter strips, and roof flashing.

The 5 Star Protection program is only available to homeowners who have their roofs installed by a Select ShingleMaster.

It’s also the ONLY warranty that includes a workmanship guarantee provided by CertainTeed. For a period of 25 years!

 It’s important to note that the warranty is not a guarantee against the effects of normal weathering or against any damage caused by improper roof maintenance.

Is it a fit for me?

It depends! Are you planning on staying in your home for a long time? Would you feel more secure having guaranteed material and workmanship protection on your new roof?

If you answered yes to either question, it’s probably a great choice for you. This is one of the best warranties available for a new shingle roof. You’ll have guaranteed protection…

NO leaks for 25 years!