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Family owned since its inception, Style Roofing has years of experience providing roof replacement and installation services to customers throughout Northern Virginia. Northern VA Roofing Company

Performing honest work at a fair price is the cornerstone of our success; with a long-term commitment to excellence, each of our skilled roofing contractors is devoted to providing superior services and products to all clients. These values, along with a “no payment until completion” policy, has helped make Style Roofing amongst the highest-rated Northern VA roofing company on Better Business Bureau, and

We are a family owned & operated small business and our commitment to quality, a strong work ethic and fair pricing was instilled in us by our father & grandfather. Following these traits has made us the leading Roofing Contractor In Virginia! We take take great pride in our work, especially since our finished roofs will be seen for the next 20+ years.

For Style Roofing, the only thing we value more than our commitment to quality products is our devotion to our customers.

Northern Virginia’s Most Trusted Roofers

Since 1992, Style Roofing has utilized their professional craftsmen and top-quality products to ensure that every client’s roof is both durable and dependable. We’re proud to have our manufacturers also stand behind our work, as our contractors are certified by leading industry vendors such as GAF and CertainTeed.

Style Roofing leaves each property with a beautiful aesthetic, ultimately providing clients with a peace of mind regarding the safety of their family and their investment. Every one of our skilled Virginia roofers has been properly trained to install and replace a wide variety of roof materials and types. Our diverse line of products can be tailored to meet any architectural need and budget. Some types of roofs that our expert contractors regularly work with include:

  • A-Frames
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Synthetic

Free Residential Roof Estimates

style4-300x225One of the biggest investments a person makes in their lifetime is a home; a notion that Style Roofing take very seriously. We also recognize the importance of which Northern VA roofing company one hires to complete their project. To give homeowners a peace of mind during (and after) the installation process, Style Roofing offers a complete quality guarantee for all residential customers. Contact us today at 703-844-2810 for a free roof installation estimate and you’ll quickly see why Style Roofing is the right choice for the job!

Our Roofing Process Overview

Regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial, Style Roofing assists customers every step of the way; from diagnosing the reason for roof replacement to selecting the solution that best suits specific needs. For all roofing projects Style Roofing’s process includes:

  • Assess roof damage and determine the cause, providing clients with an explanation.
  • Provide information on new roof options such as: materials, colors, design, styles, etc.
  • Advise clients on a complete roofing solution that works best for the unique property.
  • Detail the entire roofing process with an informative timeline and steps of the projected roof installation, starting with the break-down and removal of the current system in place.
  • Explain the clean-up process and provide recommendations for on-going maintenance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work very hard to let you know what to expect during every phase of your project. Before any work begins, customers know what we are planning to do, the process for getting it done, how long it will take and how much it will cost…We want there to be no surprises.

Style Roofing puts it all in writing! All from the sale of specific products and manufacturer’s warranties, to the statement of work detailing exactly what work will be done.

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