Protect Your Roof From Strong Winds and Hail This Summer

roof damaged by storms in VACan your roof handle hurricane force winds?

With bright, sunny skies and warmer temperatures comes the risk of nasty storms and hurricane force winds. These deadly storms can ruin even the most promising summer vacation plans and in northern VA, we see our fair share of action. Damaged homes, destroyed cars from fallen trees, and torrential rain can be a serious buzz kill.

Want to avoid additional damage to the outside and inside of your home during one of nature’s nastiest concoctions? If you have an older roof, a roof inspection can be a literal lifesaver for those of us who deal with these types of storms. Style Roofing’s professional roofing experts can help save you time, money, and heartache by providing a free estimate for a roof replacement. After enduring the harsh and snowy winter months, it is especially important to have an older roof checked for any signs of damage and repaired immediately.

Our trained roofing technicians are looking for curled, loose, or missing shingles or roofing tiles. We pay special attention the edges of the roof, where wear and tear can be more prominent. Nail spacing is particularly important in ensuring the tiles or shingles are properly secured. The nails need to be spaced approximately four inches apart and over time nails can pop or rust out increasing this distance. Loose shingles or tiles may sound innocent enough, but they can allow for leaks or break away and become airborne missiles during a storms.

We sometimes need to inspect the roof from the attic as well. Any areas of light coming in are an indication of gaps, which can let in wind and rain. We’ll also examine the trusses or rafters for any protruding nail tips. This is a sign the plywood roof deck might not be properly secured.

If you have a house on the water, or in a high wind area, another alternative is asking about metal hurricane clips that connect the roof to the house walls from the inside. Storm winds can pack a punch in excess of 100 MPH and can destroy a roof deck or rip off a roof entirely, and these clips can add structural stability to minimize the risk. The clips are inexpensive, but often difficult to install in an existing home because the installation space is usually limited. Unfortunately you can’t just move your roof like you can a car using A-1 Auto Transport. Talk to the roofing professionals at Style Roofing to see if this is a plausible option for your home.

The best part of preparing your home for hurricane season? Most insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have taken steps to minimize storm damage. Ask your agent to see if you qualify. Call us today at (703) 754-9906. Before contacting a roofing company, consider these customer tips.