Winter Is Over, But Your Roof is Still At Risk

Winter is over. Gone. Behind us. Done-zo.

You survived, and so did your roof.

But as Friday’s snow and freezing rain proved, Mother Nature is far from predictable. We’re moving headlong into the season of thunderstorms, and eventually, hurricanes — and with that, comes its own unique set of dangers.

Sometimes, the wind blows, and trees fall.

Sometimes, trees fall in northern Virginia.

Sometimes, when trees fall, they fall on houses.

And sometimes, it’s not so bad.

With any luck, the damage to your roof will be minimal.

Then again, sometimes it is…

Style Roofing can repair or replace your damaged roof in northern Virginia.

Your roof might need repair.

And sometimes, trees fall on houses in northern Virginia.

But some tree-damaged roofs can’t be repaired.

If your roof is damaged by a fallen tree, the thing to do is call the roof replacement experts at Style Roofing.

Some need to be replaced.

And when trees fall on houses in northern Virginia, the integrity of the home's roof can be compromised.

When your roof needs repair or replacement, call northern Virginia’s trusted name in those things which keep us safe and dry. Call Style Roofing.