Attic Insulation

Northern Virginia Attic Insulation

Improperly insulated and vented attics can leave a property vulnerable and cost a fortunate in energy bills. Leaving the sun to step in the shade will result in what seems to be cooler temperatures. However, the air temperature isn’t what changes in this instance; instead, the amount of radiant heat one is exposed to does. Roughly 97% of heat energy comes from visible light and infrared light.
Attic Insulation Service VA For properties, lightly colored shingles with specialty coatings have the ability to reflect visible light but only solves half the problem. Instead, installing proper radiant barriers (i.e. low-e glass on windows and coatings) can reduce radiant heat up to 80%. like Heat Bloc Ultra when applied in your attic, can reduce the radiant heat by up to 80%. Think of it as moving the attic into the shade. In the winter this attic insulation also works to prevent energy from escaping, ultimately reducing the cost of utilities.


Proper Attic Insulation Installation

With nearly twenty years in the home improvement industry, Style Roofing knows the importance of having the right insulation and venting system installed correctly. Failure to do so can block the soffit vents and not allow for air intake. It is similar to opening a window but not feeling a breeze; it would require opening another window, across the property before air will flow. In the same way, one will not have airflow in the attic, even with a ridge vent, without any way for the air to get in. Making sure that all of the components of a roof system work together is of the utmost importance when it comes to attic insulation. Good intentions will not save money on energy bills; only experienced and skilled Northern VA roofing contractors will.