Local Roofers are the Best Choice for a Roof Replacement

Of all the investments we make in our homes, installing a new roof is not only one of the most important, it can be one the most expensive. Therefore, it’s important you choose a reputable local roofing company that has a successful history of working in your community and has numerous positive reviews online.

When you need a new roof, it’s best to interview 3 local roofing companies, but beware of that one roofing company that is having a “special promotion” that offers steep discounts and too-good-to-be-true prices.  If this company is a lot cheaper than the other 2 quotes you received it’s more than likely they are using inferior materials, unqualified labor and not offering the best guarantee available.

A lot of times these pseudo-contractors will appear after recent storms in the area.  They are called “storm chasers” and often prey on property owners in areas heavily damaged by recent storms. They might give you a great price, but should you have an issue arise soon afterward (which sometimes happens), like a leak or flashing comes loose the roofing contractor disappears, disconnecting their phone number and not returning any forms of communication.

Homeowners who want their roofing system to last between 10 and 20 years should only work with reputable roofing installers in your immediate area. By interviewing local companies, you can talk with the management team (not just a sales representative), read a long history of reviews online and receive an actual contract outlining the installation process, materials used and the guarantee.

It is also important to ask the roofing company about their insurance plan, especially worker’s compensation. If one of their employees sustains personal injury while on your property and they don’t have a quality insurance policy, you could find a claim against your homeowner’s insurance.

Choosing the right roof for your home is a crucial decision, as it not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your house but also provides protection against the elements. Here are some tips to help you choose the right roof for your home:

  1. Consider the climate: The type of roof you choose should be able to withstand the climate in your area. Weather in Northern VA can reach over 100 degrees in the Summer and well below 0 in the Winter putting a strain on roofs made with inferior materials and labor.
  2. Pricing Options: Different roofing materials come at varying prices. While some materials may be more expensive initially, they may be more cost-effective in the long run due to their durability. Also, ask your roofing company about financing options.
  3. Assess the aesthetics: The style and color of your roof should complement the overall look of your house. Take into consideration factors such as the color of your home’s exterior, the architectural style, and the surrounding landscape.
  4. Northern Virginia has a diverse range of architectural styles and roofing options, but some of the most popular roof styles for homes in our area include:
  • Gable Roof: A gable roof, also known as a pitched or peaked roof, is a classic style with two sloping sides that form a ridge at the top. This style is popular in Virginia because it sheds water and snow efficiently.
  • Hip Roof: A hip roof has slopes on all four sides that meet at the top to form a ridge. This style is popular in Virginia because it provides more protection against wind and hurricanes.
  • Mansard Roof: A mansard roof, also known as a French roof, has a flat top and four sloping sides. This style is popular in Virginia for its versatility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Gambrel Roof: A gambrel roof has two slopes on each side, with the upper slope being shallower than the lower slope. This style is popular in Virginia for its traditional barn-like appearance.
  • Flat Roof: A flat roof is a horizontal roof with little to no slope. This style is popular in Virginia for its modern aesthetic and ability to accommodate rooftop gardens and solar panels.
  • Determine the maintenance requirements: Different roofing materials require varying levels of maintenance. Consider the level of upkeep you are willing to commit to and choose a roof that fits your needs.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right roof for your home that meets your needs and enhances the overall look and feel of your house.

When dealing with investments of this magnitude, doing your homework on contractors isn’t only safe, it’s simply smart. Knowing the background and reputation of a roofing company before hiring them can prevent serious structural damage and high repair costs down the road.

As Northern Virginia’s roofing installation experts since 1992, Style Roofing knows how important hiring a reputable contractor is. Each of our roofing specialists have been properly trained in the installation of residential roof systems, using only the highest quality materials. Style Roofing offers a unique line of products that can be manufactured to fit any budget and architectural requirement. Call today for your free quote.