Improperly Installed Skylights Can Cause Leaks, Warn Roofing Installers in Northern Virginia

Skylight Installers

As the top roofing installers in Northern Virginia, Style Roofing warns home and business owners that no property is completely safe from leaks and damage. While there are many steps a property owner can take to prevent any sort of building damage, it is sometimes very difficult to notice where the problems come from. Style Roofing reminds home and business owners that anytime roof penetration is present, particularly in a plumbing vent or skylight, the chances of leaking is very high.

With many years experience installing skylights, Style Roofing maintains that there are two reasons that your home may be leaking:

  1. If the property has a low-pitched roof that drains too slowly during extreme weather and hard rain, it can cause the downpour to form a pool atop of the roof.  Although many roofing systems installed today are water-resistant, they certainly are not waterproof. The extra weight from the pool of water can cause leaks and roofing penetration in a home or business. Because of this, it is important to have qualified professionals add water barriers underneath the shingles when installing a roof system.
  2. If a home or business owner is noticing leaking from skylights, it is likely that they were improperly installed or flashed. Designed to push rain and other precipitation away from any roof penetration, flashings are custom made for each roofing system. If installed correctly, a property’s roof covering could potentially outlast its estimated life expectancy, saving home and business owners time and money!

When installing skylights in a home or business, the best type of skylight to use are those that are “curb mounted.” These skylights have frames raised about four inches above the roofing system, and likely have well-made flashings built-in to it. Again, correct installation by an experienced roofing contractor will ensure a home or business owners many leak-free years.

If water damage and leaks are already present in your home or business, it is essential not to wait in contacting help. Locally-known roofing companies will not only be able to solve the roof penetration spots and other structural damage, they will also give you a serious piece of mind about the quality of your property’s construction. After all, as the first and most important line of defense against the elements, is not the safety of your family, friends, and employees your top priority?