How Does a Hurricane Wreak Havoc On Your Roof?

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Hurricane season has arrived, and for many homeowners that means gearing up your property to protect your home from harsh winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding. Your roof is your home’s number one defense against the elements, which means it’s your roof that’s going to be taking most of the beating when there’s a hurricane.

But just how much damage can a hurricane actually do to your roof? And when do you know a replacement is necessary? Here, we’ll dive into the most common types of roofing damage that hurricanes cause.

Lifting and Curling Shingles

Approximately 75% of all houses in North America have roof shingles. Unfortunately, while roofing shingles are typically strong enough to withstand thunderstorms and other windy weather, hurricane-force winds are another story. Hurricane-force winds can reach up to 74 mph or higher. Even gale-force winds, which can reach anywhere from 39 to 54 mph, can cause damage to your residential roofing system.

When hurricane-force or gale-force winds are strong enough, they can begin to lift and curl your roofing shingles. This is a problem because your roofing shingles are meant to be water-tight to prevent any rain or snow from getting into your roof’s underlayment. When roofing shingles are lifted or curled, they break this water-tight seal and leave your roof’s underlayment vulnerable to water damage. This vulnerability is even more likely during hurricane weather when high winds are typically accompanied by heavy rain.

Be sure to contact your local residential roofing contractors if your roof has taken significant damage after a hurricane. You may need a roof replacement to prevent water damage from getting worse and harming not only your residential roofing system but also your home’s siding.

Flying Debris

Rain and wind aren’t the only things you need to worry about during hurricane season. When hurricane-force and gale-force winds are blowing, they’re picking up all sorts of debris. Your residential roofing system can definitely take its fair share of debris as long as you brush it off later. However, depending on the size of that debris, your roofing damage may be more extensive than you think.

After a hurricane, you’ll be surprised by what’s been blown onto your roof. Small tree limbs and large branches can sometimes end up on your roof depending on the severity of the storm. The larger the debris, the more damage it can cause. If large tree branches have crashed onto your residential roofing system, it’s important to contact your local roofing contractors at Style Roofing. Large branches and other objects can crack or break off your shingles or even penetrate your roof entirely, leaving the rest of the home vulnerable to water intrusion and water damage. A roof replacement will help to protect your home again.

Attic Leaks

Speaking of water penetration and water damage, attic leaks are another common occurrence during hurricane season. If hurricane-force or gale-force winds are able to lift your residential roofing shingles enough, the rain can begin to make its way into your roof. Unfortunately, water damage isn’t always extremely visible after a storm and it may take a few days for you to see yellow staining or moisture build-up on your attic ceiling and walls after a hurricane. Depending on the severity of the water damage, your roof may need to be replaced.

It’s crucial to have a water-damaged residential roofing system replaced as soon as possible to prevent the water damage from causing further damage to the rest of the home. While moisture build-up can begin in the roofing system, that moisture can begin to travel elsewhere including your home’s walls and siding. Mold and mildew can also cause spores to be released into your home, which can cause a whole slew of problems. That said, if you notice your home has severe water damage after a hurricane, be sure to contact your local contractors.

Contact a Roofing Contractor

Hurricane season can wreak some serious havoc on your residential roofing system, whether you’re in the direct path of a hurricane or a few miles away. The good news is that Style Roofing installs brand-new roofs quickly and efficiently with quality craftsmanship you can depend on. If you need a roof replacement, contact our professional roofing contractors at Style Roofing today for more information or to get a quote.