Why Install New Energy-Efficient Windows?

When planning upgrades to your home, it’s easy to think about things like new hardwood floors, renovating the kitchen, or installing a basement rec room. But there may be far more cost-effective places to spend your money, on upgrades that help pay for themselves with energy savings (and not just someday when you sell).

At Style Roofing, we’re not just about roofs. We feel strongly that every house should be as energy-efficient as possible, both for the benefit of your pocketbook and the planet. In addition to providing the finest roofs money can buy, we also install attic insulation and install energy efficient windows to round out our suite of services.

So why should you upgrade your windows when you could have a jacuzzi tub instead?

I get the appeal of a jacuzzi. But according to the U.S. Department of Energy, leaky windows and doors can contribute to up to 25% of a building’s annual heating and cooling expenses. And that estimate may even be low — some sources use numbers as high as 40%.

But it’s not enough to know the worst case — you also need to know what you can reasonably expect in order to budget for the job. We’ve surveyed our customers, and those who’ve installed new windows with us have averaged 15% cost savings. If your heating and cooling expenses are $2800 a year, that’s $420 in savings per year. Your new window will pay for themselves in five to ten years, and that’s if energy expenses stay flat. If they go up, you recoup your cost a lot faster. Want even more reasons to install energy-efficient windows? They qualify for federal rebate programs. You could get up to $1500 for your energy efficiency improvements.

But saving money isn’t the only reason to get new windows. They offer great curb appeal, and the same reason you installed them is why potential homebuyers will like them too. Tight-fitting windows will make the interior of the house much more cozy without drafts to make you uncomfortable.

Most ENERGY STAR windows have a UV-filtering film over them, like sunglasses. You don’t notice the tint, but the film blocks the UV rays that cause sun damage to your furnishings and belongings. You won’t have to worry about the framed photos by the window getting faded by the light.

Still not convinced? Call and ask for one of our estimators to stop by and give you a quote. Then you’ll have all the facts in hand to figure out exactly how much money you’ll save with your new, energy-efficient windows.