Your Roofing Questions — Answered!

Roofs. Rooves? Roofs. You have one (or more), and so do we. Roofs provide shelter and security from the elements, but do you know how often your roof should be replaced? Or what causes wood shingles to split and crack?

Style Roofing knows, and now you will, too.

How often should my roof be replaced?

All roofs wear out eventually, but most are designed to last 20 to 50 years.

What factors lead to roof deterioration?

Several: Ultraviolet radiation; extended exposure to extreme temperatures, wind, and rain; and excessive foot traffic ultimately lead to a worn-out roof. Your choice of shingles may also impact this. Lighter-colored shingles last longer than do darker-colored ones.

Can I put a new roof on top of my existing roof?

No. The presence of multiple layers will decrease your roof’s resistance to hail. Not only that, but placing wooden roof shingles on top of older wooden roof shingles greatly increases your risk of fungus problems.

Why are my wooden shingles splitting and cracking?

Unfortunately, this is a natural part of the aging process. Wooden shingles get wet, and then they dry, which, in turn, causes them to shrink and swell. If you find split or cracked shingles, call the roof repair experts at Style Roofing today. due to

It’s hailing. Will my roof be damaged?

Damage from hail is quite possible, and depends on the size and shape of the hail itself; the speed of the wind as it blows; and the age and type of your roof. Small, pea- or marble-sized hail will likely not damage your shingles — if they’re in good condition.

Can my shingles be replaced individually?

Yes. With minor damage, an experienced roofing contractor can replace individual shingles, but if the injury is found to be more extensive, Style Roofing may recommend a total restoration.

Granular bits keep falling from my composition roof. Is this normal?

Absolutely normal. As a roof ages, granular loss will occur. Extreme weather and hail will also displace granules from your composition shingles. Do not be alarmed.

​​​You can’t avoid it any longer. The time to replace your roof has come. Each home, and each roof is different — and each presents specific challenges. Consider this.

Your roof may have been designed for wood shingles. If this is the case, it would not be wise to install composition shingles. Likewise, the eaves in your home may not have sufficient enough air intake for the ventilation required by a composition roof.

A total roof replacement is a complicated, complex job, and not one you should attempt yourself. If you think it’s your roof’s time, contact Style Roofing today!