To Replace or Not to Replace? Why You Should Strip Off Those Old Shingles

replacementYou are cozied up under your favorite blanket with a hot cup of tea on a stormy evening, watching a movie. You were just thinking that it seems like this will be one of the worst thunderstorms of the year, and then your phone buzzes: your weather app is calling for sizable hail to begin falling within the hour. You think about your home’s roof; you know it’s the original roof, with a patchwork of repairs where shingles began to fail. You are hoping that no new leaks spring after this huge downpour because that would mean it’s time to look at roof replacement, and that is intimidating, right?

Wrong. Here is what you need to know about the importance of protecting your home with the help of state of the art roof replacement contractors.

  1. No more patchy repair work.Roof replacement is one of the best investments you can make in your home. On average, a new asphalt shingle roof generates a return of investment of 62%. This means that, over time, you will save over half of what you spent on roofing in avoided future repair and other costs.
  2. Drip, drop be gone. 

    One of the obvious benefits when looking to replace your roof is that roof leaks will no longer be causing significant damage to your home. These leaks can lead to the rotting of wood, depletion in the efficiency of your home’s insulation, and damage to heirlooms and valuables that you may be storing in your attic. Additionally, you can help your shingles in a brand new roof reach their estimated lifetime of between 20 and 50 years by having regular, professional inspections at least once a year (or more depending on your climate) to nip those leaks in the bud. Essentially, you’re starting with a clean slate and an opportunity to be more proactive in keeping it clean.

  3. D-I-Why? 

    You may feel that roof replacement is out of your reach due to the cost factor, and for that reason may have taken a do-it-yourself route. Save yourself the pain of a disappointing shingling job and the headache of choosing materials by knowing that investing in professionals to get the job done saves your repair and upkeep costs in the future — and rest easy knowing that skilled roofers are the ones scaling your home and not you.

  4. Trap in your purchased air. 

    Properly maintained, recently replaced roofs and insulation are known to keep home heating and cooling costs down by 20%. By upgrading your roof, you are keeping the rainwater out and the climate controlled air you paid so much for in.

  5. Two birds, one stone. 

    If you are replacing your roof, now is a great opportunity to give your home a bright, newly refreshed look. Work with your roofing contractors to choose a shingle style and color that matches the exterior or your home, or use the new roof as an excuse to liven up that pale shade of decades-old yellow. Many contractors can advise you on which shingles to siding combinations will not just save you money, but have you living in style, too.