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How To Get Your Home Ready For Roof Replacement

Helpful Steps to Get Ready to Replace Your Roof Deciding to replace your roof takes a lot of time and consideration. Once you’ve made this important decision, you’ll probably be wondering what to expect and what you need to do to get ready. Keep in mind that during roof installation your home will become a construction […]

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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

Roof Replacement In Northern VA

Most homeowners think about replacing their roof after they experience a leak in their ceiling. However, sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its life without experiencing a failure. When determining if you need roof replacement there are plenty of signs, besides leaks, that can help you make this decision. Potential signs that […]

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Will homeowners’ insurance replace my roof?

With any luck, the damage to your roof will be minimal.

A homeowners’ insurance policy is one of those things: It’s important to have one, but you sure hope you never have to use it. You pay the premiums, renew the policy, pay the premiums, and renew the policy again. Years pass, one after the other, and you’ve never had to file a claim — until […]

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Don’t Hire Just Any Northern VA Roofing Contractor. Hire the Best.

Northern VA Roof Replacement

You may have heard, but you may not have heard… Police in Tennessee are still searching for a man accused of scamming an elderly woman out of $1200 — how? Reports indicate that the man contacted this woman, posing as an employee of a local roofing company; accepted, and cashed her check; and then disappeared […]

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Northern Virginia Roofer Says, “Thanks for all the positive reviews!”

With winter’s chill (and snow, and rain, and ice) quickly approaching, it’s as important as ever to have a roof, and know a roofer you can depend on. Style Roofing has long been that roofer for many homeowners throughout northern Virginia. We’re not exactly in the business of repeat business — not if we’ve done […]

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Completed Linton Hall Rd Interchange Relieves Traffic for Millions of Northern Virginians

A few months ago, Craig Van Lines asked the question: Will the new Route 29 / Linton Hall Road Interchange ever be finished? Well, we’re excited to say the answer is YES. It’s finished! Lawmakers undertook the project in an effort to relieve a major traffic snarl that negatively impacted millions of northern Virginians. The […]

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Roofs Protect Northern VA, But They Do More Than That: Five Unique & Bizarre Roofs

Roof Replacement | northern Virginia

A roof in northern Virginia: Everybody’s got one. Some people are lucky enough to have more than one. Roofs are generally composed of wood, or slate, or asphalt shingles, and spend all day and night working hard to keep you and your family safe from the elements. But that’s not all they do. Some roofs […]

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Roof Replacement in Ashburn, Virginia

northern virginia roofing contractor

You knew it was possible when you bought your house in Ashburn, and now there’s no two ways around it; that possibility has turned into a reality: It’s time to replace your roof. And when it’s time to replace your roof in Ashburn, Virginia, there’s only one answer to that age-old question (Who ya gonna […]

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Winter Is Over, But Your Roof is Still At Risk

And when trees fall on houses in northern Virginia, the integrity of the home's roof can be compromised.

Winter is over. Gone. Behind us. Done-zo. You survived, and so did your roof. But as Friday’s snow and freezing rain proved, Mother Nature is far from predictable. We’re moving headlong into the season of thunderstorms, and eventually, hurricanes — and with that, comes its own unique set of dangers. Sometimes, the wind blows, and […]

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How Can I Tell If My Roof (in Gainesville) Needs Replacing?

It may be hard to see the roof now, but soon, the snow will melt, and that thing which keeps you safe and dry will reappear. With any luck, every one of your shingles made it safely through the northern Virginia winter, but (I know. We don’t want to say it any more than you […]

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